wedding ceremony in Pakistan

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 Wedding ceremony in Pakistan

Littering houses, fancy dresses with heavy jewelry, hands full of jewelry and hina and young girls dancing with ludois a scene of Pakistani wedding. Wedding is the most important in every one’s life and its memories retains forever.  There are some common customs found in Pakistan wedding are Mangni, Mayoon, Rasm-e-Henna, Nikkah, Barat, Rukhsati and walima.


Mangni is a promise by which both the parties agree to enter into a marriage in future. It is the very first thing in any wedding in which bride and groom wear the rings.



During Mehindi the relatives of bride gather at her home and apply traditional Henna on her hand and feet. Only the female members of the families join the function.mehnidi The bride wears yellow costumes.All girls wear colorful dresses which make the ceremony more beautiful and colorful.


Nikkah happens as the Nikkah naama, which is the document of marriage is registered. There are many terms and conditions mentioned in the Nikkah naama and the monetary amount that will be given to the bride by the groom, Wallis are witness must be present during Nikkah,the father of the bride and groom act as Wallis. Certain Urdu verses are read by the priest and the bride accepts the terms and conditions of the Nikkah naama in front of the relatives.


A Baraat is a bridegroom’s wedding procession in Pakistan. It is customary for the bridegroom to travel to the wedding venue (often the bride’s house) on a mare or horse or on well decorated car accompanied by his family members. The baraat can become a large procession, with its own band and dancers. The bride wears a beautiful dress like custom called “bridal lehanga” for the barat and common jewelry in which teekah, jhumar, pair of ear rings, and necklace are included.barat


Walima is a function that is attended by the families and friends of bride and groom as well as the community and friends. It is on the next day of barrat in the morning.Food is very important part of any Pakistani wedding, it comes in many varieties of dishes like baryani, meat, beef, vegetables salads, sweets, and cold drinks etc.


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